Honey Bee Blooming Card - Plantable Card


Adorned on our 100% recycled, seeded paper.

This card is embedded with Swan River daisy seeds and can be planted for an array of Swan River daisies to bloom.

Recycled paper envelope included with regular size.

Blank inside, so go for it; pour your heart out.

Due to the handmade nature of our recycled paper and placement of the seeds, no two pieces are the same making each piece truly unique.

WA & TAS customers: Please note that there are quarantine regulations when importing seeded paper into your state. WA customers may incur an inspection fee. Hello Petal and Events and Fiesta take no liability for this fee. Please contact us for further information.

All artwork © Hello Petal Cards



Soak your Hello Petal card in water until completely wet. Place on top of the soil in a well-lit position. Sprinkle with more soil. Water and ensure paper stays moist. Germination will occur within 7-21 days.