-Do I have to buy an invitation template for every guest at the event?

No. Only one template is needed for purchase and you can print as many invitations as you like.

-What is Templett?

Templett is the app that will hold your invitation template/s and you will do all your customising in Templett. When you buy an invitation from Events and Fiesta Design you will download an instruction sheet on how to use Templett and will get an email from Templett and they will ask you to create a username and password and your invitation/s will be in your free Templett account. 

 -What can I customise in an invitation template?

You can customise the text, font, font size, and font colour. You can add or remove images, including photos. Everything can be altered but why would you change anything other than your personal details after we have done all the hard work for you :)

-Can you do all the customisation and printing for me?

We would love to do this for you. Just fill out the contact us form and we will respond within 2 days.

-I have a style of invitation in mind but there is nothing I like on your website. Can you help me create my dream invitation?

It would be an honour to help create your dream invitation. Our Creative Director Carolina works one on one with clients to bring dreams to reality. Click on the Made to Order page to start this journey.