All You Need to Know About Wedding Invitations

Decide your budget

Wedding invitations can place significant burden on the total cost of your wedding. Costs per invitation can be upwards of $100 for a custom design and highest quality finish. After all, it is a once in a lifetime event (hopefully!) and it’s something for the guests to cherish for the rest of their lives too. 

Buying a wedding stationery package can be the best way to save money and have all the pieces for wedding ready to go and uniformly presented in the same style. These may include a save the date card, invitation, rsvp card, and thank you card, to start with. Additional products to consider are an information card, menu card, guest place card, table number card, seating chart, wishing well sign, photograph and photobook station sign, dessert table sign, etc.

Invitation templates are the lowest cost option available if you have the time to do a lot of the creation of the wedding invitation yourself. Templates are easy to use and all you have to buy is one and you do the customising and printing yourself. Most templates are priced under $10 and you only need to cover the printing costs after that.

Make sure you contact your local post office to be aware of postage costs for your invitations.

If you prefer to keep everything digital (and cheap!), there are online options that deliver a customisable invitation designs to your guests email. Perfect to allow you to allocate your money on the various other parts of the wedding.

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Choose a style

The invitation can reflect the style of wedding. Beautiful calligraphy or elegant engraved print gives the guests a feel of the wedding to expect or a more casual wedding can be indicated in your style choice. Modern graphics may be your idea of perfection including floral touches or other prints. Request a sample of product to make sure you are happy with your choice.

Keeping to a colour palette from your wedding bridal party through the bouquet and the invitations can be a great idea to stay ‘on brand’. Speak to your wedding florist about colour palettes.

Save that date

Send out a notification for your guests to know you have selected your wedding day. Up to 12 months before is acceptable to clear the calendars of your loved ones. Let them know you will send the invitation closer to the date. Two to three months before the wedding is a good time to send the invitation. It will be a reminder and the excitement will start building.

Budget - Notice for guests - Create excitement - All You Need to Know about Wedding Invitations - save the date - rsvp cards - marriage - bride and groom - create a style -

What words should I use

Getting the wording right is key. Addressing the guests and asking for the honour of their presence is a great way to start. Any variation on this acceptable but keep the message minimal and direct for the best impact. Include the all-important date and the address of the wedding and reception. Any other details can be added but if it’s too crowded another information card can be provided with dress code, if kids are welcome and directions plus parking information.


Expect your guests to reply via all forms of communication. Providing them with a specific RSVP card and a stamped addresses envelope is a stylish way to accept confirmation from your guests. Otherwise phone, text or email is fine. As long as they get back to you!


Write a guest list so you know exactly who is invited including members of families. Not everyone will need an invitation. You can give one per household and address each family as a group. Couples who live together can get single invitation. Always have at least 20 extra invitations made to cover any additional guests.

Individual guests should be told clearly whether they can bring their partner or not. A plus one is not an expectation. Make it clear whether kids are able to attend the wedding and reception so families can organise care for them.

Attention to detail

Get multiple sets of eyes to check the text of your wedding invitations, guest names and addresses. You can be swept off your feet (with love!) and with the stress of all the stuff that needs to be organised for the big day. Let some family members look over the writing to make sure everything is correct.

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