Should I do a wedding dance?

Doing a wedding dance can be one of the best parts of your wedding reception. Whether you shuffle with your partner or you come up with a full-scale choreography, it's a beautiful and romantic way to express your love together. 

If you are not a dancer it can be a scary situation to suddenly have to dance with your partner in front of a group of people. Most professional dancers get nervous when dancing in front of a crowd but you are supposed to do this without regularly dancing?? It's a tall order completing a dance routine in front of all your loved ones at your wedding reception.

Maybe it worries you so much that it takes the enjoyment out of the day. That would not be a very nice situation. Do either part of the couple want to do a wedding dance? Depends on how confident, shy or drunk you are/or will be! If you were both committed to doing a wedding dance then it would be a good idea to do some practice.

Have you done any dance classes before? If you have then you are at an advantage already. These styles of dances that you did before might be an option to choose for your first dance. Or you could chose something brand new! There are plenty of romantic latin dances like tango, salsa or bachata. Youtube has some great videos of happy couples going at it on the dance floor.

At my own wedding I chose to do a choreographed wedding dance and it was a fantastic moment at my wedding reception. My husband had done some salsa before so we contacted his teacher and his teacher helped us with a bachata routine. My husband had to do most of the work as the male leads and he was so happy when the routine was all over and we didn't make too many mistakes. I highly recommend it to everybody!


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