Trend Alert: How To Plan A Micro Wedding

Hello lovers!

We are going to let you know about a special wedding trend alert that gained interest during 2020 and in 2021 made the great leap to popularity: A Micro Wedding.

Maybe you are already familiar with it, but if you aren't, we tell you in few words whats it is and how to plan a Micro Wedding.

A Micro Wedding is a very intimate wedding that does not exceed 50 guests and is composed of the same elements as any other large-scale wedding but with an alternative twist. In other words, it is a miniature version of a conventional wedding.

Small wedding, big celebration!

One of the big pros of micro weddings are: more options for spaces to celebrate, less opinions, less budget and less people to please.

Find the venue for your micro wedding.

It will be easy if you first pick the place and then make the guest list. So if you want your favourite restaurant or coffee shop, find out the capacity and then make the list! You will find a lot of options that never crossed your mind such as: cafés, restaurants, bars, parks, galleries. Those places already have a beautiful design and decor, maybe also tables and chairs, so you can save a lot of money there and focus on putting your touch with details.

Get to the basics.

Good food, drinks and music are the three things that you have to cover first. Then you can add more detail to create a vibe that encourages joy and love.

Small but meaningful.

This concept includes all the items, for example, you can choose not to have a cake, and make something else special instead, like sweet finger food. 

Give your guests a personal experience

Having less guests makes it easier to include a personal touch to them. For example, you can make handwritten notes for every guest to place at their seat, including a detail you know they will recognise and appreciate. 

A micro wedding with style.

Even if you are having a small wedding, don't forget your look! Maybe you don't have to be so formal, but it's your opportunity to glow. It is still is your big day!!!!

Endless possibilities.

With a short list of guests, there are a lot of things that you can do, such as a tropical destination weekend wedding or a brunch at a five-star hotel.

New memories

Hire a photographer, you are starting a life with the person you love, you will love to see beautiful photos of this day and share those memories to your loved one. Talk to your photographer about creating a custom package for a shorter amount of time.


What do you think of Micro Weddings now? Worthy of our trend alert and without a doubt, they are an excellent option to celebrate your alternative wedding now that large-scale weddings are going to take time to return normally, so why not choose this way to celebrate your union? 

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips on how to plan a micro wedding.

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