How To Plan A Sustainable Wedding

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Let's talk about the environment. Yes, you are reading a wedding blog... So what do weddings have to do with the environment? Unfortunately, a lot! 

Do you know that the average wedding produces from 400 to 600 pounds of trash and 63 tons of CO2? Yes, all that in a few hours!!

Knowledge of that information means it is important to do something about it, because we all are responsible to make our world more eco-friendly. 

On this post we will tell you about some little and conscious changes on how to plan a sustainable wedding.

Choose a local and friendly menu

Choose a menu that is based on seasonal, organic and local products. By doing this, you reduce the carbon emissions that you would have from using food that has to be transported from other regions. Also, helping local producers and businesses is always a plus!!!

Sustainable wedding dress

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, so try to choose designers who focus on ethical production and eco-friendly fabrics. You can also give a second chance to a used wedding dress, there are online pages where other brides sell their dresses in excellent condition for a much more pocket-friendly price than the original, or there is also the option of being able to rent one.

Virtual Invitations or Eco-Friendly Recycled 

A very easy way to reduce the impact on the environment in your sustainable wedding is to make Invitations, Save The Date and R.S.V.P. digital. This way you reduce the use of paper by 100%. It is a much more comfortable and easy way for you and your guests to keep abreast of everything related to the wedding.

But if you want to have physical invitations, today it’s easier than ever to find sustainable wedding invitations made from recycled paper, upcycled fabric, leather, and even wood. 

Biodegradable confetti

One of the wedding traditions that some people still have a hard time breaking is throwing confetti or rice at the couple at the end of the ceremony. It's fun, but in a few seconds we generate a lot of garbage. So if you want to keep this tradition, choose biodegradable options like plants: lavender, rose petals, fresh herbs and a mixture of micro-flowers. They are, in addition to being biodegradable, very beautiful, colourful and aromatic alternatives. 

How To Plan A Sustainable Wedding

Celebrate outdoors

One of the many advantages of having a wedding abroad is that nature itself can act as a decoration. When having an indoor wedding, most of the time you have to decorate twice or even triple in transforming that space so that it looks in a way that reflects your personality. With outdoor weddings, you can cut down on the decor dramatically - just add some lighting and let nature shine through with its beauty. Even if you decide to celebrate it during the day, you will save on electricity and the footprint that your sustainable wedding leaves on the planet will be even less.

Use sustainable local flowers 

As with food, using local flowers is much more environmentally friendly. Bringing flowers that aren’t from the area or climate where your wedding will be involves transporting them by plane, which generates unnecessary carbon emissions.

Another idea is to use succulents or potted flowers as decorations, whose use can extend beyond the wedding day. In this way it is not made into garbage and can have a long life. We are sure that in your region there are many options that will make your sustainable wedding look the most beautiful.

Remember, don't push yourself too hard to have a zero waste wedding from start to finish, it's just a matter of making more conscious decisions and choosing the greenest option as long as it is within your means. 

We hope that these tips will be useful to you and help you learn how to plan a sustainable wedding!

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