How to create a wedding mood board that represents You

Hello lovers!

If you are here, it is because you are engaged and maybe, just maybe, a little bit lost on how to start on defining your wedding style.

The first thing that all brides and grooms face is the flood of information, ideas and styles that they see daily on social networks, blogs and wedding magazines. Not forgetting Pinterest! Hundreds of images and inspiration flock to mind and save folders. It is easy to fall into the "we like everything and we want everything". So we get lost.

And here makes its big entrance the wedding mood board, a technique that helps you capture and focus your ideas. It is like finding the main idea, secondary ideas and the conclusion in an essay, but posed to a visual identity. It isn't just about making a collage or copying an idea. You are going to create your own style and story, choosing exactly what to keep to focus on a specific result or aesthetic.

Here are some tips to create a wedding mood board that captures the essence of your personality, style, and wedding dreams.

Don't be obsessed with trends

Start looking for inspiration outside of bridal references. A vacation you’ve enjoyed together, a piece of fabric, an abstract painting, maybe a song, a flower or several flowers or a sensation. Take that first element that transmits something to you, pull it as a common thread to adapt it later to the design and decoration of your wedding.

Get offline and select the elements

Although you can create your wedding mood board digitally, experts agree to separate from digital to connect with the world and real sensations. Find the elements, remember that the mood board must contain images but also materials, textures, colour samples and even texts or fonts. Don't forget there is something super important: emotions and feelings!

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Review and Refine

Once you have compiled a reasonable number of elements it is time to take a step back and to look at them as a whole. Is there consistency? Do they fit together or are there some elements that break the harmony? 

Separate the elements that you think don't represent the style you want for your wedding. 

Take a step back to your selection and if you feel that it represents You, your wedding dreams and style, you are now able to highlight the elements that blend, and hopefully, your concept is starting to feel visually aligned.

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Start creating the wedding mood board

Take any paper, diary or a blackboard where you can paste the chosen elements and start combining them. Remember: less is more and a wedding mood board is not about including every tiny little detail that you want to see at your wedding. 

The mood board is more like a bridge that helps to connect the vision to the execution. When you're done you can show it to your wedding planner so that they can translate it and turn it into that reality that will be your wedding. And if it is for you, because you organise the wedding yourself, the mood board will help you communicate your idea of ​​the wedding to the suppliers. 

So now… let's get on with it!


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