Best Honeymoon Destinations

One of the greatest parts of getting married is the honeymoon. It is the time to have privacy together after the stress of wedding preparation and the big day. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations that you could research further when you consider your destination for your honeymoon.



The warmth of the Fijian people is one reason alone to visit Fiji with your new husband or wife. Then you have the incredible beaches and private islands that offer all levels of luxury and comfort. Step into ‘Fiji time’ as days feel like weeks and the island life takes over your senses.

Fiji Honeymoon


The blue water and architecture in the Greek islands are breath-taking and one of the most popular places for honeymooners is Santorini which has one of the most iconic scenes on the internet. The architecture of white walls and coloured roofs in particularly blue, conjures up bliss in the minds of couples dreaming of a future together.



The food, culture and the people make Japan a place that tourists rave about and want to keep on returning the land of the samurai. The samurai spirit of respect and honour felt through experiences with the Japanese people make the experience so amazing; nothing is too much trouble for them. Taste testing the local whiskeys, indulging in fresh fish or relaxing in a hot spring are ideas for your unforgettable honeymoon.

Japan Honeymoon


The unspoilt landscape in the islands of Indonesia provide an extremely relaxing getaway when you are fresh in the afterglow of wedded bliss. Walks through jungles and visiting temples provides active options in between sipping cocktails by the pool and couples massages by the attentive hotel staff. If you enjoy surfing there is a variety of quality waves and opportunities for snorkelling and scuba.

 Indonesia Honeymoon

The Maldives

If you want privacy and ocean then the Maldives is your piece of heaven. The blue water and brand new resorts in secluded atolls is what puts this group of islands at the top of most couples dream list of best honeymoon destinations. Relaxation, water sports, and culinary delicacies are on the menu when reminiscing about those moments from your wedding.

Maldives Honeymoon 


This country remains one of the most trusted places to experience a memorable honeymoon. Food and wine will exhilarate you and let you step into the culture and lifestyle. In the region of Tuscany, couples may enjoy wine tasting, cooking classes, viewing unique art collections, and numerous walking tracks. Romance never dies in Italy and it may provide a lifetime of memories that endure your lasting marriage.

 Italy Honeymoon


One of the best honeymoon destinations, the great vast southern land of Australia has so much diversity of landscape. The red earth of the outback deserts, the forests of Tasmania and the pristine beaches of the enormous length of coastline provide honeymooners with incredible options to celebrate their love. Looking at the cities, the restaurants and bars of Melbourne offer a high quality culinary and social experience, and Melbourne have a thriving arts scene. Sydney has world famous sightseeing including the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. A photo on the Bridge climb together could be the top choice!

Australia Honeymoon

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