5 tips on how to choose the best wedding photographer

Many people don't realize the importance of this item and end up hiring the wedding photographer with the lowest price without considering that -after the big day- these things will only remain: the rings, the dress and suit of the bride and groom and the photographs. 

The wedding photos will be the memories of one of the most important days of your lives.

Unfortunately there are many cases of grooms regretting being attracted to the lower price. The bride complains because her white dress looks yellow in the photographs or the worst nightmare of all: that they have lost their wedding files and there is no record of that day.

Without thinking twice, we share 5 tips on how to choose the best wedding photographer:

1. Style and budget

You have to know which style best suits your way of thinking and feeling… Only then your wedding photos will reflect the way you want your big day. Investigate!

It's important to know how much you can invest on this item. We recommend that around 10% of your wedding budget go to the photography service.

2. Search for the best wedding photographer

As with venues, the best ones tend to fly quickly. Once the style is defined, start your search a year in advance if you get married in high season, or at least six months if you are going to do it in low season.

Review previous work, ask for opinions, recommendations and create a list of finalists

3. Personal interview

Arrange interviews to meet them in person (if covid makes it difficult, make it online).

You must value the connection with them, know their ideas in person, and assess if they really fit with your personality.

Prepare questions. When choosing the best wedding photographer from your list, you can have no doubts. Write down all the questions that come to mind.

Are you comfortable with him / her? You shouldn´t only value their work. A good photographer must know how to create dreams, have emotion, attention and inspiration.

4. Decision Time

At this point you have already identified with their style of photography and if the portfolio shown also matches your idea, you are almost at the goal!

Find out their experience as a wedding photographer. This is important, however, do not disregard professionals who don't have it. Many times, the freshness of the new ones cancels many deficiencies. Define what you prefer on your big day.

Find out what equipment they have and if they have an assistant to help. It's important that you know in detail everything that surrounds the photographer. 

5. Conditions and contract

Finalise this part having everything clear. Sometimes there are extras that you don't know and you need to know everything in advance to avoid troubles.

- What does your service include: assistants, post-production

- How many hours does it include?

- How do they work at weddings? Is independent, talks with guests, etc.

- How the photos will be received: format and resolution, how many photos and how many times they take.

Everything must be written in a contract. Examine everything and avoid surprises!

Bonus tip: 

Once you have chosen the best wedding photographer for you, hire them for a test run and book an engagement session. This is the best way to spend a couple hours with them and see if your personalities mesh.

Best of luck!

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